What the World Needs Now…

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On someone else’s blog today I saw a photo of a lovely wildflower. The blog is oneletterup.com or the above URL. She’s an “ordinary person” who goes on walks and takes photos that inspire poets! She gave me permission to use this photo.

If you look to the left, you’ll start to see the chain link fence the flower is growing inside, and that reminded me of a poem I wrote several years ago after tutoring a child who had many obstacles to overcome … both personal and family.

Green Will Grow

For Jayla

Green will grow, 
lush and unashamed --
thrust itself up at the foot of fences 
or between cracks in the cement.
Crabgrass, sunflower, snakeroot or dandelion,
wherever a sliver of sun 
can find a city space,
green will grow.

A child will grow,
curious, needing to learn,
push her way up through 
hardened and neglectful hearts
and overcrowded homes.
Poison ivy, violet, rose petal or thorn,
if there is any light at all
a child will grow.
Copyright: Ā© Not for reprint.

13 thoughts on “What the World Needs Now…

  1. So lovely and fitting for the photo – I am honored šŸ™‚ Your last lines really jump out: “if there is any light at all a child will grow.” Inspiration for survival despite the “hardened and neglectful hearts.” Wonderful, Ellen.


  2. Thanks! I have a big grin on my face. And thanks for the loan of your photo. I see on your blog somewhere that others have created poems inspired by your photos! Isn’t it nice, this little gathering of people with artistic hearts, sharing?

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    1. You are most welcome! Yes, my photos have inspired others and I can think of no greater compliment. šŸ™‚ It is indeed a wonderful gathering of people sharing with each other!


  3. Such an excellent pairing by the two of you!! The words and the photo go so well together. Congratulations! xx

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    1. Thanks,Shelley. So nice of you to say so!

      On Tue, Sep 1, 2020, 7:11 AM My Life in the Slower Lane wrote:


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  4. Thanks,Shelley. So nice of you to say so!


  5. This made me weep, touched me so deeply–beautifully penned.


    1. Thanks so much! I see you are into various kinds of poetry –I’m now following you, I think! Never heard of ha’sonnets but it looks like fun — maybe I’ll try one! I’m learning about haiku in a class I’m taking … one comment from the teacher I liked: in haiku, every word has to be the best it can be!


      1. Hello, Ellen and WELCOME! Thanks for the Follow, I’ll reciprocate šŸ™‚ Yes, haiku is tough in that regard…there can be no wasted words; a similar form, senryu is a bit more flexible, unless I’m mistaken. The ha’sonnet is super fun to write–give it a whirl, you may be hooked! Blessings to you ā¤


  6. Gorgeous poem, I love the lines, “if there is any light at all a child will grow.” Thanks for posting this piece.


    1. Thanks … I tutored a child with so many issues … among them was one I didn’t recognize until 3 yrs after I’d stopped tutoring her … A.D.H.D.
      She was terrified of being left back…and terrified of the 3rd grade placement tests. Anyway, this was for her. Are you retired too? If so, I’d love to follow your blog, and maybe you’d take a look at some of my previous blogs that have to do with the wonders and terrors of aging! Can you reply with your blog site? Thanks!


      1. I will definitely look around at your site. I am retired and here is my web site. https://retireinbranson.com I also have an email signup. I am looking forward at going to take a more detail look of your website.


  7. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I emailed you a few months ago! My email is chloeauderer@gmail.com in case you want easy access.


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